viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

The Step

She walks me to the front door which has been open all this while. A million years, two minutes, a lifetime.  And now I can see. There was a shadow of myself hiding under the second step. It was waiting to take, to wear again, my shape on the wall.
There was a shadow of myself under one of this three steps to this night. A tiny shadow of me like all my courage concentrated in some tiny point, under this step, waiting to jump into my life like Kerouak jumped on a train, just to continue the Road.
My courage hiding under one of this steps like all the love in the world can hide under the head of a match, to set in some fire in the cold winter of this absurd Friday night.
The image of all this comes from the step to the portrait of you walking all nude to the bathroom.  I am lying on the bed, enjoying the laziness, and I turn my eyes to your shape in the door. I like your shoulders, your ass and your ankles, and the road along your skin from ones to the others.  I could lick it all, like cats lick each other to clean those invisible traces of strangers, with that tenderness, with no hurry, with the instinct of who has nothing else to do but being, in this morning that was hiding under the steps with my courage to suggest you to spend the night with me, to get in this mood, when my room becomes also your room, and yours is also mine, open wide sharing like two lions, in a broken cage, in a forgotten zoo, somewhere, after the war.

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Golfo dijo...

The first sentence is taken from the shortale "Intimacy", written by Raymond Carver.

The rest is just an automatic writting work, following the what the words instantly sugested in mind.

Belnez dijo...

Last friday night I was sleeping inside my van next to Huelva and I dreamt about you. I dreamt about us looking for a beach where you could surf and I could relax and take long sunbaths, while you screamed from the water asking me to look at you.

Just wanted to tell you. Beautiful text, so good to be automatic writing in a foreign language. Keep the good job. I love you.

Anónimo dijo...



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